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Los Angeles Times December 14, 2004

“You don’t need a headlamp or neoprene undies to enjoy Steven M. Bumgardner’s style of caving. The California filmmaker-photographer’s DVD on Sequoia caves is spelunking at its safest and sanest.”

New York Times December 18, 2009

“Steven M. Bumgardner may have one of the best jobs on the planet: videographer for the National Park Service. Imagine if your job involved spending time in such grand places, capturing their scenic wonders with your camera.”

The Atlantic September 28, 2010

“I’ve lived and worked in National Parks for almost 20 years, and as much as I love landscape photography, I also like looking at the human footprint and the human experience in our national parks.”

National Parks Traveller July 8, 2011

“Steve Bumgardner should receive a special award for his “Nature Note” videos. Each of them exhibit the highest professional standards in educational and artistic videography. In fact, Steve’s Nature Note videos are an excellent example for other parks to follow.”

MSNBC July 14, 2011

“We get a lot of day visitors,” said Steven Bumgardner, a filmmaker who recently produced a time-lapse moonbow video as part of a series for the Yosemite Conservancy. “They come in the morning and leave in the afternoon. A lot of them don’t realize what the park has to offer after dark.”

Der Spiegel July 17, 2011

“Auf diese Weise hat auch der Fotograf und Filmemacher Steven M. Bumgardner das nächtliche Schauspiel sichtbar gemacht: Zwei Jahre lang jagte er mit seinem Team den Mondregenbögen nach, nahm nasse Linsen und dunkle Wolken in Kauf. Ein Video zeigt nun seine spektakulärsten Aufnahmen im Zeitraffer. “Es war gar nicht so einfach”, berichtet Bumgardner in einem weiteren Film zur Entstehung der Bilder. “Das Wetter spielte oft nicht mit.” Schließlich ist es ihm aber doch gelungen.”

The Australian July 18, 2011

“”Moonbows have now become a very popular subject for photographers and on the full moon of May or June in Yosemite you can literally find hundreds of photographers up at lower Yosemite falls taking photographs of this lunar rainbow,” Steve Bumgardner, a filmmaker who took these images, said.”

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